Goodbye Town

by Jen Deale

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Thank you so much for listening to Goodbye Town. It’s a concept album, written in 2 weeks after a burst of inspiration. It depicts a very real story, my story, from a very difficult and life-changing time for me many years ago. It’s a delicate and honest story, and my hope is that you’ll find yourself inspired to tell your own tale boldly after listening. Our heartbreaks are our gift to share and we must believe that they can change the world.


released May 3, 2015

Jen Deale [vocals; piano; ukulele]
Chris Spicer [best friend; drummer; editor; husband; background vocals]
Matt Greco [sound engineer; co-producer; guitar; background vocals]
Rachel Broach [back-up vocalist extraordinaire; melodica]
Nate Purscelley [trumpet]
Chris Pitoyo [bass] ]
Nick Moon [mastering]
Recorded and mixed by Matt Greco at Dead Aunt Thelma Studio, New North Sound Studio, and MattGreco Studios. Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Mastering.

All songs written and arranged by Jen Deale.
EP co-produced by Matt Greco and Jen Deale.


all rights reserved



Jen Deale Portland, Oregon

Jen Deale is a singer-songwriter in Portland, OR.

We have the best life.

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Track Name: Say what you'll say
Say what you'll say
Do what you'll do
Be who you'll be
It makes no difference to me
Know what you'll know
Play me a fool
Cut where you must to heart's covered in dust
Hide what you'll hide
Come when you may
Trust who you'll trust
And just leave me out in the cold

Well you can see
Whatever you will see
You can paint my pretty picture
You can write me in a song
But you'd be wrong
You'd be wrong

Write home a letter
Fill it with tears
Tell all your family I went crazy after all of these years
Throw the first stone
Watch it fall short
Inches from contact
And you're begging, begging for more
Well I saw the light when I learned the truth
This woman inside isn't who you said she needed to be

So go write my profile
Go write my biography
Go around town telling my life story
It'll only show how you never knew me at all
Track Name: No man's boat
I may be made of wood
And I may know how to float
I may take to deep waters, honey
I may take passengers
I may be a harbinger of doom
Some men may tattoo me on their bodies

But you've got to know
I am not your boat
And you've got to see
You will send us both
To the bottom of the sea
Cause I'm no
Man's boat,
I'm no man's boat
I'm no man's boat

I may dream in islands
And I've explored uncharted lands
And I'm afraid of fathomless depths
And I may keep moving on even when the storm is strong
But I've carried you for far too long

Darling, the time has come
To sink or learn how to swim
Darling, a leak has sprung
And I only have the strength
For the weight of one
The weight of one
The weight of one
Track Name: Goodbye Town
Farewell to Main Street
Hello to Goodbye Town
Goodbye to all that we've known and ever talked about
Welcome to your new day
There's rain, but I've heard there's sun, that comes, that comes
When you hang around
When you hang around

In Goodbye Town
Don't you bother putting your roots in the ground
It's Goodbye Town
Isn't it nice to know you belong somewhere now?

It's such a strange thing to find something you've known so well
Pulls back the layers to show a side they'd never tell
And here you stand in the underbelly of denial
But don't you worry it took us all quite awhile
To call this home

Farewell to hometowns
Goodbye to debutante balls
Goodbye to all those late-night advice calls
Welcome to your new nomadic home address
It's fine, you'll find there's much less stress
When you live alone
Track Name: Waverly
Million dollar houses and cobblestone sidewalks
You and me in a brief escape
Madness lurking outside these gates
And I never want to leave you here
If I do, will you just disappear?

Baby, won't you walk with me down the streets of Waverly?
Turn off the clock for an escape to our secret place and time
Baby, won't you walk with me?

Stolen glances from dog-walkers passing by
Not touching hands it says so much
This distance, between you and I
And I never want to leave you here
If I do, will you just disappear?

If only for one hour
We can pretend
That we're growing old together
We live in that big house on the end
And I am yours and you are mine
And isn't this a fine life?
Isn't this a fine life?
Track Name: Fall
How many times must I tell you that you're beautiful
Before it finally sinks in?
How many words does it take to say you're wonderful
And that this life without you, it ain't shit?

Every time you look in the mirror
And what you find makes you cry
You take yourself down a road
That makes you difficult to find
But if you'd only let me hold your hand
I'd show you, show you
How I love the skin you're in
Let me show you
How I love the skin you're in

How many times do the tapes play on rewind
Taking you back to years before?
How many tears must it take for that old well to run clear,
so you can see what I see now?

And you can fall, fall too pieces
It'll be alright
Just fall, fall into these arms
They'll catch you every time

How many flaws do you you think it'll take to make me pause,
make me rethink all I know is true?
Like how many stars can light up the sky just like a full moon?
None babe, and that's how I see you.

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